Experience the pristine beauty of World Heritage Fraser Island!


Experience the real spirit of Fraser Island

Fraser Island has a very diverse landscape, when you walk it you really slow down and relax, seeing the best of Fraser’s beautiful towering rain forest, crystal clear freshwater lakes and amazing sand blows with great views of the ocean.

Fraser Dingo 4wd Adventures is one of the only businesses that promotes overnight self-guided and pack-free supported hiking and walking on Fraser Island, with 2, 3 and 4 day hikes that allows the hiker to walk sections of Fraser Island’s World Heritage Great Walk. We’ll also give you all the information to get the most out of walking on Fraser Island. We offer a range of packages that gives the hiker a unique opportunity to only hike one way from the east to the west coast of Fraser Island, making the most of valuable travel time.

We offer three different types of hiking, adventure hiking, pack-free camping hikes and luxury walks. This provides a range of diverse products to suit hikers from all walks of life!

Check out our adventure hikes below, which are transfered to the Island with our tour, or check out our Fraser Island Hiking website for our full range of hiking products!

These packages start in Hervey Bay with either a 4WD transfer or tour over to Fraser Island, then the adventure begins as you experience some of K’garis (Fraser Islands) many hiking trails.

Experience Fraser Island the Eco way!

The most affordable way to hike on Fraser Island!

Fraser Island Lake McKenzie Eco Hike Dingo

This is a total Adventure Eco Hike! Leave the 4wd behind and experience Fraser by foot.

2 Days 1 night self-guided hike with exclusive camping at Lake McKenzie hikers camp.

Self Guided Adventure hike 4wd transfers and equipment provided.

Fraser Island Valley of the Giants Adventure Hiking Tours

Includes a 4 Day 3 Night self-guided Adventure walk, camping in the Valley of the Giants hikers camp, Lake Wabby hikers camp, and Lake Mckenzie hikers camp.

See the diversity that the beautiful K’gari has to offer on this hike!

Fraser Island 4WD Hike Combo Adventure Hiking Tours

3 Day 2 night hike, Camp at Lake Wabby & Lake McKenzie. Self guided hike with 4WD transfers, from East to West Coast of Fraser Island.


Fraser Island, located just off the east coast of Queensland, Australia is the largest sand island in the world and is recognised as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only place in the world where majestic rainforest grows on sand, making the island landscape diverse and unique. The island is also home to half of the world’s perched freshwater dune lakes, offering perfect swimming locations.

Being able to explore the island on foot gives you an incredibly unique perspective to see and experience this magnificent landscape. When you hike the island you really slow down and relax. This allows you to see the best of Fraser Island’s beautiful tall rainforests, crystal clear freshwater lakes, shifting sand-dunes and magical ocean views.


Fraser Island Hiking is Fraser Islands ONLY supported hiking company, with permits to support hikers along the Fraser Island Great Walk track system and walkers camps. Through our experience and knowledge Fraser Island Hiking has tailor made hiking packages to suit all types of hikers, ranging from 12 years (accompanied) up to 60 years.

Through our three different tiers of hiking we offer a range of packages for small groups of hikers, offering a diverse niche product that traverses the ever changing landscapes that Fraser Island has to offer.