Guided hiking tours or self-guided hikes to Fraser Island for 2, 3 or more days!

Experience the real spirit of Fraser Island

Then hiking or walking is the way to do it!

Fraser Island has a very diverse landscape, when you walk it you really slow down and relax, seeing the best of Fraser’s beautiful towering rain forest, crystal clear freshwater lakes and amazing sand blows with great views of the ocean.

Fraser Dingo 4wd Adventures is one of the only businesses that promotes overnight self-guided and pack-free supported hiking and walking on Fraser Island, with 2, 3 and 4 day hikes that allows the hiker to walk sections of Fraser Island’s World Heritage Great Walk. We’ll also give you all the information to get the most out of walking on Fraser Island. We offer a range of packages that gives the hiker a unique opportunity to only hike one way from the east to the west coast of Fraser Island, making the most of valuable travel time.

Fraser Island Hiking also offers the only supported pack free hiking on Fraser Island, get to traverse the southern and the northern trails of The Great Walk with 2 different pack free Camping Hikes: Blue Lakes Eco Hike (3 Days) and the Rainforest Eco Hike (3 Days) Stay in the walkers camps but let us do all the work for you!

These packages start in Hervey Bay with either a 4WD transfer or tour over to Fraser Island, then the adventure begins as you experience some of K’garis (Fraser Islands) many hiking trails.

Experience Fraser Island the Eco way!

The most affordable way to hike on Fraser Island!

Fraser Island Lake McKenzie Eco Hike Dingo

This is a total Adventure Eco Hike! Leave the 4wd behind and experience Fraser by foot.

2 Days 1 night self-guided hike with exclusive camping at Lake McKenzie hikers camp.

Self Guided Adventure hike 4wd transfers and equipment provided.

Fraser Island Great Southern Lakes Hiking Tours

Blue Lakes Eco Hike; discover five fabulous blue lakes in 3 days of serene hiking. Includes a fully support equipment transfer, food, maps – just walk with your day pack! All else is transfer into the camps for you.

Fraser Island Valley of the Giants Adventure Hiking Tours

Includes a 4 Day 3 Night self-guided Adventure walk, camping in the Valley of the Giants hikers camp, Lake Wabby hikers camp, and Lake Mckenzie hikers camp.

See the diversity that the beautiful K’gari has to offer on this hike!

Fraser Island 4WD Hike Combo Adventure Hiking Tours

3 Day 2 night hike, Camp at Lake Wabby & Lake McKenzie. Self guided hike with 4WD transfers, from East to West Coast of Fraser Island.

Fraser Island Great Walk Kgari Adventure Hiking Tours

Includes a 2 Days PACK FREE – Camping hike staying at Lake Mckenzie Hikers Camp. Fully supported, food and all equipment included, small group max 6

If The Great Walk track is closed we still run this hike staying at the Central Station camp site. 

Why Lake McKenzie Hiking on Fraser Island Is an Unforgettable Adventure

Fraser Island is truly a one-of-a-kind destination. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the world’s largest sand island and is one of the only places in the world where you will find lush rainforest growing on top of pure sand. For an unforgettable time spent taking in the unique sights and natural beauty while hiking Fraser Island, consider booking a tour with Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire, where you can camp exclusively in pristine locations.

The Best Hikes around Lake McKenzie

The result of hundreds of thousands of years of sand drifting off Australia’s east coast and landing on volcanic bedrock, Fraser Island is a massive sand island over 120-km long and 24 km across at its widest point. While there are many fantastic hiking opportunities to be found throughout this natural wonder, some of the very best Fraser Island hikes are around the crystal-clear blue waters of Lake McKenzie. Unusual for a lake, this unspoilt body of water sits high above sea level trapped between sand dunes. Only hikers are permitted to stay beside this famous lake overnight to enjoy its amazing beauty at the Lake McKenzie hikers’ camp.

Getting to Lake McKenzie is all part of the journey. When you hire a 4WD from Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire, you can get to Great Sandy National park, where Lake McKenzie is located. The journey includes a trip from Hervey Bay on the river barge that lands at River Heads and a 4WD trip via sand tracks, where you will be able to take in the many spectacular views along the way.

Once you are at Lake McKenzie, hiking to some of Fraser Island’s most spectacular sites are well within reach. For example, you could consider visiting the ‘Valley of the Giants’, where you will find some of the largest trees on the island. Other possibilities include visiting Lake Wabby, the deepest lake on the island, or Lake Boomajin, the world’s largest island perched lake. Many of these destinations are part of the famed Fraser Island Great Walk, a long-distance trail that covers over 90 kilometres of land and provides many opportunities for intrepid hikers to experience the natural beauty of Fraser Island up close and personal.

Getting Started with Your Fraser Island Hiking Tour

At Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire, you can easily get to Lake McKenzie and experience some of the best Fraser Island hiking opportunities by booking our Fraser Island Lake McKenzie Eco Hike Tour. Here you’ll spend two days and one night on an incredible Fraser Island experience and likely be the only people staying at the lake at the walkers campsites. We take you to where the 4WD’s can’t stay, allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the lake by night as you camp beneath the stars. Best of all, our tours are eco-certified, as we work with Green Fleet to promote reforestation and offset our carbon emissions.

Hiking Fraser Island is a bucket-list-worthy trip that is full of once in a lifetime experiences. To learn more about our Lake McKenzie tours and other fabulous Fraser Island experiences, be sure to contact us to get started on your next dream getaway.