Terms and Conditions for Vehicle Hire

Hire of vehicle

The hirer of the vehicle must be 23 years or older. All drivers of the vehicle must be over 21 years of age and hold a current drivers licence and have had that licence for more than two years.

All vehicle rentals require an approved credit card security bond before the vehicle can be released to the hirer.

All vehicle rentals are per calendar day (not 24 hours).

Vehicles are full of fuel at the beginning of hire and must be returned full of fuel. If the vehicle is not returned full of fuel the difference will be charged at a rate, which will include a service component.

Vehicles must be returned to the rental location prior to the designated time and in a clean condition.

Hire packages are subject to kilometre limits according to duration: 1 Day Hire = 150km / 2 Day Hire = 180km / 3 Day Hire = 280km (kilometre limits have been put in place as a guide for safety) if grossly breached charges will apply.

4wd Hire BOND Terms

All 4wd vehicle hire packages are subject to a credit card bond of $1000 (groups 23 years & over) $2000 (for groups under 23 years, the hirer must be 23 years and drivers must be over 21years). Total loss liability is $6000 with an excess reduction to $3000 only for groups over 25 years). Bond refunds are completed up to 48 hours after the vehicle is returned in hired condition and a mechanical check has been completed.

Refund Policy

Although we are very sorry for any of your time lost due to a mechanical failure not caused by your own actions, we must stress that Fraser Island is a remote off road environment. Mechanical failures do happen despite the best maintenance procedures.

Refund Due To Loss Of Hire Time

We will wherever possible replace the vehicle as soon as we can and extend your hire for equivalent time lost. The customer must be advised that we are restricted by car ferry times and tides when replacing vehicles and will not be held liable for delays in delivering vehicles as a result of these circumstances.

If extending your hire is not possible, we calculate your refund using the following method: we allow ten useable hours per day for the vehicle, we divide the cost you have paid per day (after local charges – ferry and permits have been deducted) by ten leaving us with a dollar per hour figure, we multiply the number of hours lost by the dollar per hour and refund this amount.

Although we will attempt to solve the problem as quickly as possible, we do not compensate for: personal stress due to a mechanical breakdown, missing connecting travel arrangements, use of any other unapproved travel means or accommodation, for having missed places you wished to travel to if you are unable to extend your hire or tides do not allow.

We do not refund money for hires cut short due to:

Bad weather (unless directed by Queensland parks or Queensland police to leave the island)

Shortening of the rental period by the hirer, unless it can be rehired for that same period of time.

Cars taken from the hirer due to misuse or abuse.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 2 weeks prior to departure are subject to loss of any payment made in Low Season. Changes made less than 2 weeks prior to departure are subject to a $50 admin fee. Cancelations made to bookings prior to the for mentioned time period incur a $50 admin charge. Bookings made for High Season periods are subject to full payment with no cancellations or refunds within 1 month of departure.

Late arrival to the 4wd safety briefing of more than 20mins incurs a late fee of $75.

As our 4wd drive safety briefing is completed verbally in English; please advise us if you require extra written information in your language or if you are hearing impaired, as we can accommodate this with prior notice.

A full refund is given in the event that we cannot accommodate a booking due to unforeseen circumstances.

We Do Charge For The Following

Cars returned late at a rate of 20% of daily rate per hour.

Cars missing the return ferry. Hirers will be charged one extra days hire.

Cars requiring fuel on return will be charged $4 per litre.

Burned out transmissions will be charged the associated cost to return the car to our Hervey Bay workshop and repair it.

Tyre punctures are no charge, however if the tyre is returned un-repairable due to being staked or driven flat. The hirer will be charged for cost of replacement.

Hirer’s Responsibility

At all times the hirer is responsible for:

Damage caused where the terms of rental contract have been breached.

Damage caused by negligence (failure to check and maintain fluids for engine).

Damage caused to the vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion, or salt water.

Damage caused as a result of a single vehicle accident (an accident not involving another vehicle) where the vehicle hits a stationary object.

Damage caused as a result of damage to someone else property when the hirer is at fault.

Damage caused to the hired vehicle by another vehicle where that vehicle is not able to be made accountable.

Damage caused by the hirers wilful conduct.

Damage caused to the vehicle when using the vehicle in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicle traffic.

Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.

Damage to the bonnet, roof or under body of the vehicle.

Damage to transmission or gear box, not due to fair wear and tear.

Damage due to fuelling a vehicle with incorrect fuel.

Damage or loss of vehicle where the keys have been left in the vehicle.

The business reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions as they see fit and without prior notice.

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