Fraser Island Hiking Tour Packages

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Step into beauty with Fraser Island Hiking

Fraser Island Hiking offers the most diverse hiking options on World Heritage Fraser Island, focusing on small group walks to show visitors our beautiful country and the unique, diverse, less traveled scenes of Fraser Island.

As a company, Fraser Island Hiking prides itself on a wealth of knowledge and experience. We provide high quality experiences that are environmentally sustainable, customer driven, one of a kind and run by a professional team of staff. With our three different types of hiking packages, no matter ability or price range, we can offer a hiking option to suit the nature lover.

There are over 90km of stunning, unique and diverse hiking trails available along the Fraser Island Great Walk, waiting to be enjoyed and experienced with one of our exclusive hiking packages.

Pack-free: Camping

This fully inclusive self-guided, supported, hike provides a glamping like experience for hikers who want to enjoy the thrills of camping, without carrying a heavy backpack. We offer 2 day and 3 day options.

Adventure Hiking

A fully self-guided hike through diverse terrain and forest. We provide 4wd transfers, hiking backpacks and equipment. Hikers organise their own lightweight food and carry all equipment. We offer 2 day, 3 day and 4 day options.

Luxury Hike

‘The Best of the Great Walk’ is our signature, 4 day and 3 night, fully guided luxury hike. Indulge in a deluxe walking experience as walkers traverse the wonders of the Fraser Island Great Walk. This fully inclusive package includes relaxed nights, private 4wd transfers, deluxe accommodation and gourmet meals.

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