Eco Tourism

We are passionate about minimising our environmental impact.

How we’re making a change

Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire is an environmentally-conscious company, we share our clients’ concerns for the planet and the environment and make every effort to maintain Fraser Island’s natural beauty. As advocates for the conservation and environmental sustainability of Fraser Island’s World Heritage, we value this unique beauty that is found nowhere else in the world and we are passionate about minimising our environmental impact. As an eco-friendly business we provide an eco-friendly experience for all travellers, both on and off the island.

In the office

Fraser Dingo 4WD Adventures holds an EcoTourism Australia certification, one of our first priorities when setting up the business.

Our Fraser Dingo Headquarters and mechanical workshop, located in sunny Hervey Bay, runs on solar power. The Fraser Dingo team actively tries to reduce their use of single-use plastics in the workplace and invest in sustainable products. The Fraser Dingo office has a full recycling and composting system to ensure that waste is recycled and disposed of in the most sustainable way.

We also work with GreenFleet to offer our customers an opportunity to ‘plant a tree’ by purchasing one of our sustainable tote bags.

With our vehicles

PINK is the new green GREEN; as pink is our signature colour we are working towards establishing an eco-focus around letting our customers know that if they chose pink they are choosing a green option and helping the environment. This eco focus is shown through; stickers in cars that highlight why we don’t have air-conditioning in our vehicles. Less fuel consumption, no need to re-gas, keeps cost down for customers and encourages them to open their window and enjoy the pristine air of World Heritage Fraser Island.

Through our sustainable initiative we are also involved in carbon neutral projects, where we donate funds towards tree planting programs or Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets, with Green Fleet.

On the Island

On Fraser Island we encourage all customers to engage with sustainable practices by considering the environment when moving around the island, especially when camping. We ensure all of our customers dispose of rubbish properly and leave on footprints.

With our tag-along tours we try to minimise the environmental impact by staying in beach house accommodation, not camping. This accommodation is solar powered and runs on gas. We also have a comprehensive recycling program and we bring back most rubbish to the mainland for disposal.

What you can do

When you visit Fraser Island it’s important not to disturb the natural environment, as much as possible. Fraser Island is remote, with abundant flora and fauna. Remember to leave only footprints and take only memories. Here are a number of things you can do to reduce your environmental impact:

  • Buy one of our $8 tote bags, this supports the environment by planting a tree and offsetting carbon!
  • Choose tour operators that are Eco Tourism certified and undertake sustainable practices.
  • Never litter and ensure you dispose of all rubbish in a secure bin.
  • Pick up any stray litter or rubbish you see along your travels.
  • Try to bring all your recycling materials back to the mainland, as Fraser Island has limited recycling facilities.
  • Don’t drop your ciggy butts!
  • Don’t use sunscreen with chemicals before swimming in the freshwater lakes, as it alters the natural PH balance of the water.
  • Ensure that all toilet paper and human waste is properly buried (in non-amenity campsites).
  • Always walk on established walking paths to avoid damage to vegetation.
  • Don’t drive off the track or up the sand dunes, this causes environmental degradation through erosion.
  • Only camp is designated camping zones.
  • Don’t buy single use plastic, plan ahead for your trip to purchase your food.

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