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Fraser Island is Butchulla land and Fraser Dingo 4WD Adventures would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of K’gari (Fraser Island) and pay respect to their Elders, past and present of the land and country we are privileged to visit.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the World, with a giant sandmass 123km long and up to 25km wide. It was World Heritage-listed in 1992 for its areas of exceptional natural beauty, representing major stages of Earth’s history and ongoing ecological and biological processes involved in the Island’s ecosystems evolution. Fraser Island is known for its exceptional beauty with its white beaches, coloured sand cliffs and over 100 freshwater lakes. The sand cliffs and sand blows are part of the longest and most complete age sequence of coastal dune systems in the world and its evolution is still ongoing!

To add to the magnificence of Fraser Island, it is also the only place in the world where tall rainforests grow on sand dunes at elevations of over 200 metres. Explore some of the magical Fraser Island sites that you can visit on a trip with us!

You can read about the Fraser Island’s locations below or you can check them out on our Fraser Island Map.

Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora)

Lake McKenzie also known by its indigenous name, Lake Boorangoora, is one of Fraser Island’s most well known tourist attractions. Its crystal clear freshwater and white silica sand make it one of the island’s most visited natural wonders. The lake’s mesmerising beauty comes from the sand which acts as a filter, giving the water its clarity and helping to make the water so pure that it supports very little life, you won’t find any fish living here!

Get your swimmers on and head down for a relaxing dip in this pool of blue water, it is a swim you won’t forget!

See this sight: Tag-along tour, 1+ day self drive 4WD, all hiking packages.
toilets, enclosed picnic areas, car park, hikers camping only.

Central Station

Central Station, situated in the heart of Fraser Island, a general pit stop favourite for many travelers, holds a strong historical significance to Fraser Island. From the 1920s to 1950s, the area featured a number of houses and schools, settled by mainland Australians who had moved up to the Island to harvest timber from the forest. While this practice is no longer allowed today, Central Station provides a one of a kind jungle hang out, perfect for lunch stops and memorable walks in the lush, tropical rainforest. Here you will find some superb open rainforest home to the massive Angiopteris ferns, the largest fern fronds in the world!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 1+ day self drive 4WD, hiking package.
Facilities: water refill facility, toilets, enclosed picnic areas, car park, fenced campground available (4WD hire and hiking).

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the Eastern beach of Fraser Island, it pours up to four million litres of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour! This makes it a perfect swimming spot and an excellent location for floating down the creek, relaxing as the current guides you down!

The creek is home to heaps of wildlife, which you can see when you’re walking through the boardwalk, or floating down the creek. Some of these include eels, frogs, small empire gudgeon and jungle perch fish! Don’t forget to add on a boogie-board hire at checkout so you can relax as you float down the creek.

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 1+ day self drive 4WD.
Facilities: toilets, car park, boardwalk.

Pile Valley

Pile Valley, a short walk from Central Station, is a magical forest of silent streams and tall ancient rainforest which seem to defy nature by growing purely on sand. Pile Valley is a must do, to experience the tranquil nature of tall majestic giant Satinay and Brushbox trees, growing in the only place on Earth that trees grow out of sand, Fraser Island!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 1+ day self drive 4WD, hiking experience.

Maheno Shipwreck

It wouldn’t be a trip to Fraser Island without visiting one of the most famous Fraser landmarks, the SS Maheno Shipwreck. The Maheno, over 110 years old, was a former trans-Tasman luxury liner and a World War 1 hospital ship for New Zealand. Today the ship’s rusted remains lie on the 75-mile beach, a popular tourist and photography destination! ‘Maheno’ is the Maori (native New Zealand language) word for ‘island’, ironic huh!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 1+ day self drive 4WD.

75 Mile Beach

Fraser Island’s Eastern beach, more commonly known as 75 Mile Beach is a beach, highway, popular fishing location and light aircraft runway! Its length gives ideal access to much of the island’s accommodation and features including the Maheno shipwreck, Eli Creek, the Coloured Sands, Indian Head and Champagne Pools. Did you know 75 Mile Beach is a nationally registered highway?!

See this sight on all of our experiences as you venture out to the Eastern side of the Island!

Indian Head

This stark landmark was named by Captain Cook in 1770, as he sailed past Fraser Island he sighted a number of native people standing on a headland, which he later named Indian Head after them. Indian Head is a large rocky headland providing the perfect vantage point for photographs of 75 Mile Beach as well as views of the vast sand dunes extending north. The headland is also a great lookout for viewing sharks, turtles, dolphins and rays in the clear shallow waters below.

See this sight on our: 3 day tag-along tour, 3+ day self drive 4WD.

Champagne pools

One of Fraser Island’s most unique attractions, Champagne pools, acts as a natural jazzucci through its naturally formed rock pools. They shield the beach from the ocean surf and provide a unique bathing experience! To get down to the pools you need to do a short boardwalk down several stairs, this provides a stunning view over the pools and out into the ocean! A perfect summer’s day out.

See this sight on our: 3 day tag-along tour, 3+ day self drive 4WD.
Facilities: toilets, car park, boardwalk.

Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby, one of the deepest lakes on Fraser Island is known as both a window lake and a barrage lake. On one side you will see a magnificent sandblow and on the other lush tropical rainforest! Lake Wabby, unlike other lakes on Fraser, supports several varieties of fish, you may even spot a catfish swimming around!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 2+ day self drive 4WD, adventure hike package.
Facilities: toilets, car park, sand walking.

Lake Boomanjin

Lake Boomanjin is the largest perched freshwater lake in the world and when you visit, you will see why! It’s tea-tree colours are unique and provide the lake with majestic red colour, which comes from the small creeks which run into the lake, these absorb tannins and colour from the surrounding tea trees, dying the lake red. Despite its colour, the water is fresh, purified and clean! Making for the perfect location for an afternoon dip. You will definitely want to get your camera out and capture the diverse landscape of this location!

See this sight on our: 4+ day self drive 4WD, hiking package.
Facilities: toilets, enclosed picnic areas, car park, fenced campground available (4WD hire and hiking).

Lake Garawongera

One of Fraser’s more hidden gems, Lake Garawongera is another pristine freshwater lake surrounded by large Paperbark trees and lined with reeds and melaleucas, staining its waters the colour of tea that ranges from red to black. This Lake provides a slice of quiet paradise and makes for a lovely afternoon dip!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 5+ day self drive 4WD, hiking package.
Facilities: toilets, sheltered picnic areas, car park, campground (hikers).

Lake Birrabeen

Also known as Lake McKenzies twin brother, Lake Birrabeen is another crystal clear perched lake surrounded by a white sandy shoreline. Perched lakes are lakes that sit above sea level, made up of only rainwater which have no streams or rivers running in or out of the lake! All organic matter is filtered out through the sand, allowing it to maintain its crystal clear appearance. Lake Birrabeen is often less populated than its brother lake, making for a relaxing swimming destination!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour (not guaranteed), 4+ day self drive 4WD.
Facilities: toilets, sheltered picnic areas.

Lake Allom

Tucked into a rainforest hollow, this lake offers a cool respite from the salty beach environment. A circuit track around the lake meanders through a variety of plant communities. Wait on the viewing platform and watch for freshwater turtles, but please do not feed them. Please read about water safety.

See this sight on our: 3 day tag-along tour, 4+ day self drive 4WD,.
Facilities: toilets, picnic areas, car park, 1.4km circuit walk.

Basin Lake

Basin Lake, the little beauty, has been formed when leaves and dead plants (known as organic matter) decompose gradually and harden into depressions, eventually making a lake bed above sea level. Basin Lake is the approximate size of a football field and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes on the island. The lake provides the experience of a secluded and serene swimming experience. This lake is only accessible by walking 5.5km return, from Central Station.

See this sight on our: 2+ day self drive 4WD, hiking package.

Coloured Sands (Pinnacles)

The Coloured Sands on Fraser Island are one of the most popular spots visited on the island! Naturally sculpted by the elements, they are multi-coloured cliffs of red, yellow, brown and orange sands! Located approximately 18km south of Indian Head, the cliffs formed by natural erosion are best viewed in the morning light where the sun highlights all its natural colours and beauty. It is certainly a must see sight on your visit to Fraser Island!

See this sight on our: Tag-along tour, 1+ day self drive 4WD.

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