4WD Hire + Camping on K’gari

Camp under the stars on K’gari (Fraser Island)!

Reconnect with nature, experience a Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire and Camping Package

Want to experience four wheel driving on Fraser Island and spend your nights camping under the magic night sky? Our camping package gives you all the equipment, so you don’t have to worry about what to pack!

We have tried and tested the best camping equipment to ensure quality and ease of set up on your trip to K’gari (Fraser Island). Lightweight easy to use camp cookers, well-sized dome tents easy to assemble, all the cooking equipment to make up your tasty camp meals as well as camping table, chairs and stools. We thought of it all so if you’re not sure about what to take just sit back and relax as we’ve got it covered. National Park camping permits ($10 per person per night) are NOT included in the camp package price, these are booked for you before you go and coincide with your personalised itinerary, but please add them as an extra at checkout.

To book a camping package please add the 2, 3, 4 or 5 day camping package per person to your 4WD hire at checkout. Please note: this is a per person package, you must book minimum 2 packages. (we do not hire single packages for a group)

Per person camp package prices: 2 DAY = $80 pp  / 3 DAY = $120 pp / 4 DAY = $160 pp / 5 DAY = $200pp

Which camping would you prefer?

  • Amenity camping in the rainforest (Central Station): fenced camp zone (from dingoes), flushable toilets, showers ($2 for hot water), running water.
  • Beach camping, no amenity: no toilets, no shower, no running water, camping in designated areas behind the dunes on 75 mile beach, limited options for dingo fenced beach camping (these are booked when possible), we provide a dingo stick for protection. Please note we do not provide shovels or toilet paper, this needs to be arranged by yourself.
  • A mix of both: If you are staying 2 of more nights, experience both the rainforest and beach camping! Please let us know your preference when you make your booking.

What is included in your Camp Package?

  • Tarp and bungie cords (for protection when raining)
  • Table and fold up camp chairs
  • Gas cooker and gas refill
  • Cool box (Esky) approx 25-35 litres
  • 5L water container
  • Pots, pans and storage box
  • Plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, cooking utensils, cutting board and knife
  • Kettle
  • Washing up bucket, dish soap, scourer & tea towels
  • Roomy two person tents with foam sleeping mats
  • Blow up pillows
  • Dingo stick (for beach walks)
  • National Park Camp Permits ($10 per person, per night) are not included and need to be added as an extra and then we will book them for you to coincide with your itinerary, just choose Amenity or Beach or combo of both and we will organize the rest. 

What to bring:

  • Torch and or camp lamp
  • Lighter
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Water Bottle
  • Rubbish bags
  • Toilet paper and shovel (if not staying at amenity campground)
  • Food for cooking (including condiments, oil etc.)


Are you bringing your own equipment and needing only a few extras? Have a look!

  • Camping permit $10 per person per night (booked as an extra if you’re bringing your own camp equipment)
  • Tent – $40 Per Tent Per Night (Sleeps 2) and includes 2 x sleep mats
  • Sleeping bag – $20 per person per trip
  • Camp chairs/stools – $10 per chair
  • Cool Box / Esky From $20 for 25 litres, $40 for larger sizes
  • We can add these extras to your booking for you if you send us an email.

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